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Buch 500 Jahre Gestüt Marbach
Gabriele Boiselle



For over 20 years now the international equestrian photographer, Gabriele Boiselle, has enjoyed close connections with Marbach Stud. Every year she publishes a magnificent calendar featuring some of the stud's most attractive motifs and, furthermore, instigates boundless enthusiasm for this unique equestrian paradise on the Swabian Alb amongst the numerous participants in her photo seminars held at this location.

Naturally, therefore, she was particularly delighted about the opportunity to produce a jubilee picture book about the Marbach Stud, in cooperation with the Müller Rüschlikon publishing house. For Gabriele Boiselle, this book represents a very special "labour of love".

This website provides lots of information about the Marbach Principal and State Stud, the jubilee book as well as the Marbach calendar. A variety of photo galleries with many as yet unpublished photos provide you with a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes at a State Stud. Discover the individual outbuildings and stud yards at Marbach as well as the different horse breeds which have been bred at Marbach – with great love and impressive expertise over the last 500 years.

... it was an enormous honour for me to produce this book to celebrate the 500-year jubilee of Marbach Principal and State Stud. And an opportunity which far exceeded anything I could ever have imagined on my first visit there back in 1985. At that time I had absolutely no idea that Marbach would come to mean so much to me.

Today it feels almost like being at home when I walk across the yard and open the door to the stud director's office.

Thinking back to my first visit, however, there is one particular episode which I will never forget: I was sitting amidst the buttercups up on the huge summer meadow "auf der Brente", waiting for the herd of Arab mares which were soon to gallop out of the stable with their foals. Dr. Wolfgang Cranz, who had invited me to Marbach and was senior stud director there at the time, was sitting on the grass beside me. As the herd approached us, full of high spirits, the foals bucking and romping around boisterously, we were both overwhelmed by the sight and completely captivated by it. The wonderful power and energy exuding from the horses as they galloped around us had us totally spellbound. Their charisma, their complete harmony and unity with nature, the world and the universe. Have you ever experienced anything like this?

Some moments are almost sacred and they remain in our hearts for ever. As a photographer I am lucky enough sometimes to be able to capture these exquisite sensations in pictures. Which, indeed, is why I have selected precisely this picture for the first pages of the book.

I very much hope that this book will help many more people to experience enthusiasm for Marbach and also to understand that an institution like Marbach is part of our cultural heritage, it is a historic treasure, but also a living one and it must be preserved for future generations so that they can also learn from it ...

Gabriele Boiselle

Gabriele Boiselle